KonMari Your Love: Minimalist Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Minimalist Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Japanese cleaning celebrity, best-selling author, tidiest woman in the world.

Call her what you want, but Marie Kondo has transformed the game of tidying up. And now she’s changing the game of wedding anniversary gifts.

For those of you who’ve been living under a rock, Marie Kondo is the picture perfect Japanese woman who’s transformed tidying up into a full-blown lifestyle. Her cutesy look and her no bullsh*t attitude have everyone throwing out, decluttering and organizing. All in the name of ‘sparking joy’.

She’s made it into our homes, into our hearts, and now it’s time to let her into your marriage (in a totally non-creepy way).

If you’re one of the millions of people who’ve seen the light of applying the KonMari philosophy, you’ll agree that having less useless crap cluttering up your home brings more delight than you could have ever imagined.

To help you find the perfect KonMari gift, we’ve channeled some of Marie’s best philosophies to give you ten minimalist wedding anniversary gifts.

1. A Day of Pampering: Self Care

Marie Kondo is all about that self-care. The organising consultant argues that you have to de-clutter your home to de-clutter your mind. While it’ll certainly do you good to neatly pack away all your bits and bobs, buying your spouse some organizational boxes isn’t the most exciting anniversary gift.

Why not skip right to it, and treat them to the ultimate self-care gift – a day at the spa.

Most of us never get around to this sort of self-care, but I’m sure you can agree it’s good for our health. The best part about this present is that it doesn’t leave a trace. No gift wrapping, no packaging, no random mug with “World’s Best Wife” on it.

The only remnants of this gift are relaxed muscles and a peaceful mind.

2. Give on Behalf of Your Other Half

Giving a gift doesn’t have to mean giving “stuff” to the gift recipient. After all, you don’t want to burden your partner with clutter. So why not donate to a charity or community project? I’m sure they’d be thrilled if you helped out someone less fortunate.

Make it more personal by choosing a good cause that means something special to your spouse. If they’re an animal lover, donate cat or dog food to your local animal shelter. If they have a family member or friend who suffered from cancer, make a charitable donation to one of the many global cancer charities.

What I love about this minimalist anniversary gift is that it enhances the whole gift-giving experience. Giving a wedding anniversary gift that has a higher purpose and impact makes both you and the recipient feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

3. A World of Wonder: Private Museum Tour

My mom used to say, every day is a school day. You’re never too old or too young to learn something new.

Broaden your loved one’s horizons with a unique day out at private guided museum tour. Rather than giving them another random scarf or pair of socks, provide them with the gift of knowledge and wonder.

Art, history, science centers, zoos, aquariums, botanical gardens. The opportunities for fun days out are endless! Having a private guided tour makes it that much more memorable. It’ll give them (and you) a whole new insight into a topic of interest you thought you knew all about.

4. Divine Dining Experience

Taking your significant other out for a lavish meal is one of the oldest (but best) wedding anniversary gifts in the book. Nothing comes close to enjoying each others company over tasty food and fine wine.

The trick with a going out for dinner on your wedding anniversary is to make sure it’s that extra bit special. It shouldn’t just be food on a plate. It should be an entire dining experience.

Pull out all the stops. Put on that sexy black number. But whatever you do, don’t just go to your local pub or order Chinese in. This is a memorable occasion and should be celebrated accordingly!

5.Crafty Couple: Workshop or Masterclass

Learning a new skill or craft is a gift that’s guaranteed to spark joy. It’s a chance to ignite new passions for something you didn’t even realise you enjoy doing!

Make a mindful list of your loved one’s lifestyle and interests. Then take some time to consider what your better half has been wanting to try, but hasn’t got round to.

Has she been dying to learn how to make sushi? Is he secretly a passionate photographer but not sure how to get started? Surprise your lucky spouse with a masterclass or course on a topic that resonates with them.

Learn how to make sushi

6. Ride, Sally, Ride: Self-Driving Adventure

No wedding anniversary gift is more minimalist and more exciting than a mini-adventure getaway. What better way to show your love and appreciation towards your spouse than by whisking them away in sexy wheels for a thrilling driving holiday.

Be adventurous and welcome things that are different. Hop in a retro roadster and meander through countryside roads. Or get behind the wheel of an unbelievably fast supercar and navigate some of the most famous driving roads.

The possibilities for adventure are as endless as your love.

7. Arty Farty: Bespoke Furniture for Your Home

When it comes to home design, KoNMari’s biggest tip is to showcase your most treasured and beloved possessions. That way every time you enter a room, you are met with something that brings you joy.

Can’t see anything in the room that brings you that immediate joy? Toss it.

For a totally unique anniversary gift, the two of you should create your own bespoke arty furniture. Art is one of those rare aspects of the home that brings us endless joy. It moves us, jogs our memory, and triggers emotions.

Consulting with London artist Alec Doherty, create a boldly coloured sofa. It’s not just a useful piece of furniture, it’s an investment in a forever memory.

8. Read Between the Lines: Kindle

Marie Kondo sparked outcry when she implied that everyone tidying up their homes should dump their beloved books. While she stated she personally likes to keep her book collection to thirty volumes and under, she set the record straight: you can keep your books – as long as they spark joy.

Whatever your take is on this, I know that my books tend to pile up, and they sure take up a lot of space. If your hubby or wifey is a big book reader, but your bookcase is chock-a-block, treat them to the all-in-one book of the future – the Kindle.

Able to hold over 1000 books, the Kindle is the answer to all bibliophiles’ clutter problems. All in the palm of their hands.


9. Private Shopping Day with a Stylist

Surprise your beloved with a luxury private shopping day with a personal stylist.

Shopping? That doesn’t sound very minimalist, does it? Aren’t you supposed to get rid of clothes not accumulate them?

Ok, hear me out.

How many times have you gone shopping and tried on a billion things? Out of pure frustration, you buy a few items of clothing, get home, only to immediately regret your decision.

It’s too small.
It’s got a hole in it.
It’s not practical.
I didn’t even want it in the first place.

What happens to those clothes? They sit in some deep dark corner of your cupboard, cluttering up your home and sparking frustration and self-hate, not joy.

Let me tell you, this doesn’t happen with a personal stylist. With a personal stylist, your personal tastes are taken into consideration before your appointment. A selection of luxury fashion pieces is chosen by your stylist according to your own style, waiting for you to try them on and take your pick.

A real dream come true for any shopaholic or fashionista.

10. Namaste Newbies: Yoga Classes

Marie Kondo is known for her tidying up method. But at the heart of the KonMari philosophy is something much deeper – a mindset.

To spur on the right zen, gift your partner with a yoga class. Learning to stay present in the moment and quieting the mind will give them a clear head for all that tidying up. Not to mention the numerous health benefits.

Learning to stay fit, flexible and free from clutter is the ultimate minimalist wedding anniversary gift.

Yoga Class

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