10 Inspirationally Stylish Ways of Getting to your Wedding

lambo avantador

So the wedding planning is almost done and dusted. You’ve chosen the perfect spot in the perfect place with perfect people, but what’s the perfect way of getting there? Well, whether you want to drive, ride, fly, or sail, just about anything is possible – it’s all down to where your imagination takes you. The following stylish ways of getting to your wedding are guaranteed to stimulate some thought, and have enormous potential to turn the heads of passers-by.

Horse-Drawn Carriage

Travel by Carriage

Debatably the most elegant way to get around, the horse-drawn carriage is the closest you’ll ever get to feeling like royalty. While the option might best suit a couple desiring some romance and exclusivity in the way they travel, multiple carriages can often be attached, meaning you could end up with an entire procession of honorary guests if you so desire.

Horse-Drawn Carriage Getaways From TRULY


Travel by Elephant

Yes, you heard correctly. Marrying abroad certainly expands your options in the transport department, as well as just about every other department along with it. Africa and South Asia are the quintessential locations to see elephants, and jumping on one during your wedding day is definitely a story you’ll be telling for at least a few years.

Vintage Car

Travel by Vintage_Car

Here’s where we find the middle ground for practicality, comfort, luxuriousness, charm, and a bit of glamour thrown in for good measure. Vintage cars, the likes of Rolls Royce or Bentley, not only make you feel like a part of celebrity; they provide exquisite backdrops for the photos that will grace the living room mantelpiece for sometime to come.


Travel by Horse

There aren’t that many things that would bring a man to his knees, but seeing his new bride ridding side-saddle in her wedding dress is assuredly one of them. The idea of galloping off together on a wide-open plain or a golden sandy beach is enough to woo even the most cynical of cynics.

Sports Car

lambo avantador

Lamborghini Aventador. Credit: Tom Wolf

There’s probably going to be at least a motorway between you and the reception, and you’re probably going to want to blast your way through it. Entirely possible if you have the right means (Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche) and it’s not the middle of rush hour.

Drive the Monaco F1 Circuit in a Ferrari 458

Vintage Double-Decker Bus

Travel by Double Decker Bus

You won’t be going anywhere fast, but this is the party bus of all party buses – especially if you’re in the capital. It’s got a bit of charm, culture, and national pride about it and it’s likely to earn some attention. The best aspect about a bus is that it solves the problem of how to ferry the bridesmaids and groomsmen between the wedding and reception.


Travel by Bicycle

If you want something simple and don’t mind breaking a sweat, or just need a last-minute solution because you’ve ‘accidentally’ had a couple of drinks to calm the nerves, the good old velocipede will serve you well. This is the one that’s best avoided if your wedding is halfway across the country, though.



Travel by Camel

You’re probably not going to have access to one of these creatures in the middle of London, despite how much of a stir it could cause. Dry destinations like Dubai (provided one of you is a local) and Egypt however have them in abundance, so you might just find yourself fitting in with the natives better than you might expect.



Travel by Boat

If you’re going to be close to a waterway and the day fulfils its promise to be warm and rich with sunlight and clear blue skies, then really what better way is there? You might take out a rowboat together, hire a private punter, or go tandem on a jet ski. Whatever the case, photographers will be cramming at the water’s edge to get a shot of you.



Travel by Helicopter

A way to literally a) drop in and b) blow people away, chartering a helicopter might be a popular choice for not just you but the rest of the family. Provided you are privileged with the space to take off and land in, that is.

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