10 Foods You’ll Be Eating in 2017

What’s in store for our plates and palates this year? We’ve noticed some unmistakable food trends on our 2017 radar!

1- Matcha. Everything.

Everything’s gone green. From lattes to cakes, ice creams and more- you’ll be sure to find matcha all over the city. Matcha is a green tea powder, made from leaves specially grown and processed for this purpose. It has proven health benefits – from weight maintenance to mental clarity. However, I have a feeling the health benefits waiver when baked into a cake full of butter and sugar… let’s just not think about that part…

Matcha Note Cafe
Matcha latte at Note Cafe, London

2- Tacos.

Mexican food is seeing a surge in London, but tacos in particular. This American transplant is for one thrilled to see taquerias popping up around the city. Baja fish tacos, pulled pork, chicken tinga… I for one will be getting my fill this year and I suggest you do too!

Tacos Taqueria
Fish tacos at Taqueria, London

3- Alternative Pasta.

Oh so much better than “alternative facts,” whether you’ve gone Paleo or just trying to cut back on all the spaghetti, alternative pasta will be more readily available including courgetti, sweet potato noodles, black bean pasta, edamame noodles and more!

Alternative Pasta The Grain Store
Courgetti at The Grain Store, London

4- And while we’re at it… Vegetables.

Vegetarians, Vegans and Flexitarians rejoice! Vegetables are hot this year, and you’re sure to have an easier time finding veggie options when dining out. Even Michelin star chefs are taking note, with vegetarian tasting menus becoming more common. For something special in London, I highly recommend the ‘Menu Jardin’ tasting menu at Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester.

vegetables alain ducasse
Vegetarian Tasting Menu at Alain Ducasse

5- And on the other end of the spectrum- Offal.

Nose to tail dining is picking up steam in a move to counteract restaurant food waste. You’ll see animal parts you may not be used to eating popping up on menus around the city! Dig into heart, kidney, brains and more!

offal st johns
Offal and Rabbit Saddle at St Johns, London

6- Insects.

They say insects are the protein of the future… I’m still not convinced. But if you’d like to try for yourself bugs are becoming more popular as toppings, garnish, protein powder to bake with… Carousel even hosted London’s first “Insect Bar” recently by YFood, complete with cricket flour pasta, insect tofu, tempura grasshoppers and more!

tempura grasshoppers carousel
Tempura Grasshoppers at Carousel, London

7- Low and Non-Alcoholic Drinks.

There seems to be lately a wave of people either cutting back on alcohol consumption or choosing a completely dry lifestyle. These people will be on the look out for more sophisticated buzzless beverages. Restaurants and bars such as Kouzu are now offering an array of refreshing non-alcoholic drinks made with fresh, seasonal ingredients.

non alcoholic kouzu
Non-alcoholic Cocktails at Kouzu, London

8- Kefir, Pickles and other Fermented Foods,

Fermented foods are having a moment. Benefits abound – with the probiotics in fermented foods being vital for gut health and weight control. Kombucha, pickled vegetables, and my personal favourite, kefir (fermented milk) are sure to be seen on many a menu this year.

charred cauliflower cocoa nibs yogart medjool dates and kefir The Manor
Cauliflower, Cocoa Nips, Medjool Dates and Kefir at The Manor, London

9- Charcoal.

Your favourite foods are going goth. Charcoal is popping up in breads, juices, ice creams and more! Health benefits of activated charcoal include detoxing, teeth whitening, skin clearing and even preventing hangovers. On top of that, charcoal adds Instagram-worthiness, smoky flavours and crunchy textures.

charcoal pizza zia lucia
Charcoal Pizza at Zia Lucia, London

10- Purple Foods.

Purple produce packs a punch of positive… p… enefits. The darker the food, the higher the antioxidant level. Antioxidants mop up free radicals and help you look younger. Purple foods are also ulcer-fighters, reduce damage to the liver, lower cholesterol, and encourage urinary health. That’s certainly enough to get me on board! You’ll see purple everywhere this year, from restaurants, bars and even bakeries.

purple foods
Purple Produce

Is there anything you’ve noticed that I’ve left out? Any of these you would just never try? (I’m not a fan of the bugs, myself…) Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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